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Turkey's slide toward dictatorship


How It Feels to Lose Your Country to a Dictator...and Why America Won't Be Next

What Is a Dictatorship?

A Dictatorship or a Relationship?

Could America become a dictatorship?

Prelude to dictatorship

Political Prisoners in Thailand


Dictatorships in Africa and Asia after World War II[edit]

A dictatorship is an authoritarian or autocratic type of office or government where there is absolute control of one person. In other words, the dictator ...


What is a Dictatorship?

Josef Stalin

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HDP arrests: on the road to dictatorship in Turkey

An old CIA memo provides rare proof of abuses by Brazil's dictatorship

Type of Government - Democracy Dictatorship Republic Aristocracy Monarchy Anarchy Stick Figure Pictogram Icons

How do democracies become dictatorships when there is no political strife?

Brazil's Former Military Dictatorship

A Short Step to Dictatorship

Why does India, the world's largest democracy, love the idea of dictatorship ?

Brazilian Dictatorship and the Queer Movement

Pros and Cons of Dictatorship

What Would An American Dictatorship Look Like?

How to Get Away With Dictatorship in the Age of Democracy

Definition of Dictatorship

Any Similarity Between Today's Brazil and the Military Dictatorship Is Not Purely Coincidental

Dialectics of dictatorship

PAKISTAN: Democracy or Dictatorship? Yasmeen Ali

Illustration of young crowd demonstrating with red tape on their mouth and holding hands in color

10 Reasons Why Dictatorship Is The Only Way Out For India | Youth Ki Awaaz

Fighting Against Dictatorship

4. Dictatorship

Why are our PMs like dictators?

Is dictatorship sometimes preferable to democracy

From Dictatorship to Democracy

The 3 A's of Leadership | Talent Formula

With more than 30 years under his belt, Hun Sen is Asia's longest-serving premier, but is facing a major challenge to his supremacy as the country prepares ...

Dictatorship is a system where a single person rules the entire nation. Dictatorship is very similar to autocracy, as the reins of power remain in the hands ...

Dictator Top Trumps - Verdict

Resisting the Dictatorship Mindset

Jack Lynch's administration was on the verge of introducing new security legislation against the IRA

Quotes about Dictators

The Coup, the Army, and How 'Quasi' our Dictatorship Is

'Has Spain reverted to Franco-style military dictatorship?'

Dictatorship ~ The Selfish Motives Of Domination, Power, And Immortality Behind The Men (and women) With No Guts

Dictatorship – the Rule of an Individual


Brazilian presidential candidate and former military officer Jair Bolsonaro takes pictures with soldiers during an event

The Dictatorship of the Offended

How to Lose a Country: The 7 Steps from Democracy to Dictatorship

Are Bosses Dictators?

The End of a Dictatorship

Dictatorship in the Workplace

The word Dictatorship from a typewriter on a white background

Cover of The Autumn of Dictatorship by Samer Soliman

Illustration: Dictatorship

Amazon.com: Forms of Dictatorship: Power, Narrative, and Authoritarianism in the Latina/o Novel (Oxford Studies in American Literary History) ...

Long-silent victims of Tunisia's dictatorship speak out

I will run a series of posts discussing several reasons why communism failed economically. It will soon become clear that there is a strong overlap among ...

Dictatorship word cloud concept

Bolsonaro's pledge to return Brazil to past alarms survivors of dictatorship


New Online Archive Hosts Secrets of Brazil's Dictatorship

From president to dictator

Dictatorship - Animal Farm by George Orwell - A Representation of the Russian Revolution

Which is better for the environment, democracy or dictatorship?

Volkswagen Says It Cooperated with Brazil Dictatorship Allowing Torture. No Apologies, No Compensation


Albany News, March 1, 1937

A woman pushed to the ground by Belarus police tries to defend herself as the police detain an activist during an opposition rally in Minsk, Belarus, ...

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A statue of Roman dictator Julius Caesar

How to overthrow a Martian dictatorship

How the Legacy of Dictatorship Influences Democratic Parties in Latin America


Dictatorship and Human Rights in Haiti

Print edition | Leaders

11 Documentaries on the Military Dictatorship in Chile | Sounds and Colours

Abdel Fattah el-Sisi

From dictatorship to terrorism - GEOPOLITICA.info

Sex Power and Dictatorship

Both George W. Bush and Barack Obama have been accused of being dictators during their presidencies.

What do fascists do before fascist dictatorship?

You cannot run faster than a bullet.