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History memes buzzfeed

History memes buzzfeed



The "Meme History" Hashtag Is Basically How Teachers Should Teach History



7. This real use of Donald Trump's real words:


22. This observation:

51 Art History Memes That Are Too Funny For Their Own Good

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21. And finally, this joke about how brutal winter really can be:


1. This old guilt:




16. Let's be honest, it's not like Abraham needed to be convinced too much to bed another person.

OK, so back in early November, a fan of Taylor Swift asked their Twitter followers to "name a bitch badder than Taylor Swift."

1. When Mary had to somehow explain immaculate conception to Joseph.

17. OK, she probably didn't have cake, but everything else stands.

3. When Cain pretended he knew nothing of Abel's highly suspicious disappearance.


5. And when they found out Adolf was actually quite a fashionista.

This perfect Impaler meme:

Matthew Britton

2. ...and when Peter wasn't tryna claim Jesus at all.

Finally we know the story behind An Old Man And His Grandson . / 16 More Hilariously Inappropriate Art History Snapchats (via BuzzFeed)


5. This slight oversight:

22 Art History Memes That Will Make You Laugh And Feel Smarter Than Literally Everyone Around You

44. This very real feeling.

4. During the infamous Salem Witch Hunt, you know there were some folks who willingly gave up information.




40. This awkward situation.

This is ruining history but that's ok I love it so much




Matthew Britton

35. This questioning of identity.

28. When Columbus came through and started changing up a whole group of people's lives.

16 Tumblr Posts About History That Are Better Than What You Learned In School


19. Coretta would save face while in public, but she probably gave Martin a very stern talking-to when his infidelities came to light.



On English history.

On historical gal pals.

17. This impulse:



15. This next-level dad joke 800-plus years in the making:

29. This definition of a hustler.

20. The true story of how Jesus convinced so many disciples to follow him. Hint: There was probably lots of alcohol.



6. On being an historian.

18 Historical Jokes And Memes That'll Make You Laugh And Make You Smarter

24. When Harriet Tubman was fed up with the BS.

Historical Jokes

2. This skeleton who is apparently all of us:

26. Only to then reach a conclusion that it's all incredibly hilarious after all.

3. This ridiculousness:

4. This tale as old as time:

Art History Snapchats Are The Best Snapchats - BuzzFeed Mobile

“Christopher Columbus essentially commented “first” on a Youtube video that already had 50 million views.”

5. This mid-19th century zinger:

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21. This skeleton who feels down after going down.

24 History Memes That'll Make People Who Actually Studied Laugh


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