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Swtor companions 2018

Swtor companions 2018


SWTOR Companion Influence – How Do I Increase It and Why Should I?

SWTOR 5.10 Jedi Under Siege Everything You Need to Know - NEW AND RETURNING CHARACTERS

Back in April I wrote a post about some of the class-specific Alliance alerts dedicated to bringing more of the romanceable companions back, and I was hyped ...

SWTOR Nightlife Event Kingpin Slot Reward - Gamorrean Guard Companion - View 1


SWTOR Cartel Market Update for Nov 12

Mako and my bounty hunter in Star Wars: The Old Republic

On March 20th, BioWare decided to have a little social media fun on Facebook and Twitter. They organized some of our favorite companions into two teams, ...

11:00 AM - 5 Aug 2018

SWTOR: Companion LoveMe Script (2018)

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Same Sex Romances being Introduced for Vanilla Companions in SWTOR

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My bounty and her companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic

SWTOR 5.10 Cantina Live Stream Reward Code

SWTOR Mini-Guide: The Best Solo Companion! (Making Companions More Viable)


SWTOR Cartel Market Update – Jan 23

Returning Companions. swtor-patch-5-10-livestream-11

SWTOR NEWS Fall 2018 Road Map

More Returning Companions comming to SWTOR?

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My Jedi consular and his closest companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Is Star Wars The Old Republic Worth Playing In 2017/2018 A SWTOR MMORPG Review!


Gifting For Influence

SWTOR Paxton Rall


TOP 10 | Best Companions [SWTOR]

10:25 AM - 23 Jan 2018


Star Wars The Old Republic devs tease February roadmap, call 2018 the year of returning companions

My Sith inquisitor and his companions in Star Wars: The Old Republic

swtor-andronikos-companion-returning ...

A relay run on Rishi was also planned, but then scrapped because we were running short on time. I've been told that the plans for it have been saved for a ...

SWTOR Roadmap Reveal 2018

SWTOR: 2018 summer roadmap

Companions. SWTOR Cantina Crawl Secret Achievement Guide

Crewskill Crafting Chart. SWTOR Crewskill Crafting Chart

SWTOR Ossus Endurance Datacron Location Guide - Signs on the Wall

New Items

NB: Agent Companion Dossiers are less obviously highlighted. So you'll have to use your brain for those ones. Sorry!

Republic and Imperial Fleets both have companion gifts vendors. See the screenshot below. I believe Coruscant and Dromund Kaas both have a basic gifts ...

Your own companion would like to speak to you alone after the short introduction. In the video attached here I am showing you the Smuggler's point of view.

SWTOR Akavi and Mako Companion Reunion Cutscenes in Patch 5.9 (Smuggler)

SWTOR Beginners Guide to Crew Skills and Crafting - Crew Skills UI

SWTOR: Roadmap Update – Spring 2018

Be a Premium Player by 12:01 AM PDT April 3rd and these two legendary companions will fight by your side! http://bit.ly/2J1EJ4C pic.twitter.com/VWKF6bELD9

Crafting Panel

Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday May 01 2018 – Star Wars Gaming news

10:44 AM - 13 Jun 2018

You can also watch the videos from the YouTube Playlist “Everything about SWTOR Update 5.9“.

The October 11th Live stream was set to replace the canceled New York Cantina. If you type “SWCANTINA2018” in the redeem code page on swtor.com, ...

Whenever you 'level up' a command rank you are granted a command crate. Opening these will often yield a companion gift.

How To Purchase and Get the Best Use Out Of Gifts

Legacy of Persuasion

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Republic and Imperial Fleets both have companion gifts vendors. See the screenshot below. I believe Coruscant and Dromund Kaas both have a basic gifts ...

Copero a short SWTOR Story


Find Out How Much Influence You Have

Celebrate KOTOR's legacy in SWTOR and SWGOH

This banner is custom-made by me (Vulkk). By making a purchase

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... swtor-paxton-rall-companion-recruitment-3


To read these likes and dislikes, pull up the “Companion and Contacts” Panel:

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Using Crew Skills to Improve Influence

SWTOR Cartel Market Update – March 20

The 2017 companion gift exploit and its consequences

My Jedi knight, Kira Carsen, and Lord Scourge in Star Wars: The Old

Changes to the Cartel Market — Tuesday April 03 2018

We don't really know that much about what content to expect specifically for Star Wars The Old Republic in 2018 as of yet. But, the Developers have dropped ...

Returning Companions in 5.9.2? | SWTOR News

Star Wars: The Old Republic deserves a second chance


SWTOR 5.10 Developers Livestream Review | The Rescue? | Cantina Code 2018

Instead, they are listed from those with the highest influence rating, to the lowest. I'll come onto why that matters a bit later.

SWTOR Sexy Jaesa Willsaam Best Outfit - Love my companion

Unless something has changed, then purchasing Packs from the Cartel Market has a chance of dropping Jawa Junk too.

SWTOR Cantina Livestream with Giveaways, Developer Q&A + More!

There's something for every type of Star Wars The Old Republic player to look forward to in the new content being released throughout the rest of the year.

SWTOR Some NiM timed runs [Stream of 6th Jan 2018]

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